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Good News! Really?

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I’ve been a bad blogger not keeping this up to date, sorry, we have been more busy and tired than we expected.

Sue went to see the surgeon tonight, the same one we initially saw who diagnosed her. When she was examining her, the surgeon was unable to feel the original lump. She then tried to visualize it with ultrasound and was still unable to see it. It would seem that the chemotherapy so far has shrunk the tumor/disease down so much it looks like now Sue will only need a lumpectomy followed by radiation.

It was very good news, Sue and I were just there staring at the doctor, who was like “This is good news, you should be happy”. About 20% of women will convert while on chemo to a tumor small enough for a lumpectomy after presenting with a much larger one to begin with. Sue’s was anywhere from 5-7 cm in size to begin with. We told her we are not accustomed to being in the “good” 20% of the odds and we would remain cautiously optimistic.

There are two more cycles of chemotherapy Dec 14th and Jan 4th, she can have surgery (lumpectomy) about 5 weeks after her last chemotherapy cycle. After surgery she will need 7 weeks of radiation (5 times a week).

More to be hopeful and grateful for. It would seem as if our angel has been busy.

Teachers Seek to Donate Days to Sick Colleague

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Sorry for the lack of content. Quiet is generally good. I will pickup the pace soon as I can.