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The Results are in

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Today was our almost two week post operative visit with the surgeon at MSKCC. This time we only had to venture to Basking Ridge, NJ and not wonderful NYC.

Besides checking on Sue’s healing, which by the way is doing very well, we were also to learn the results of the pathology of the lumpectomy. The purpose of the lumpectomy is to remove the tumor and enough tissue around it so that they have what is called clear margins. Clear margins are enough tissue surrounding the cancerous tumor that indicates to the surgeon they “got all of it”.

Clear Butterfly

Clear Butterfly

The results: CLEAR  is a bit of an understatement as NO CANCEROUS CELLS AT ALL were found in any of the tissue removed. My first question of course was “Did you remove the right area?”. After giving me a look you would expect, she assured us she did. Obviously very good news.


Four (4) more weeks of healing and then seven (7) weeks of radiation therapy. Don’t know much of the details yet about radiation, the surgeon told Sue to be prepared to come home afterward and sleep as fatigue is the most common side effect.

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